Thursday, February 2, 2012

Just A Few Things

I thought I'd make a short post about just a few of the things I've been working on.
First off, I have to take a second to tell you what amazing and truly fascinating friends I have.  Yesterday, my wonderful friend Alice came over to help teach me how to sew.  The few hours spent at my kitchen table were filled not only with fantastic sewing tips, but also some of the most fantastic stories I have ever heard!
Alice knits, Alice is an artist, Alice is a teacher and Alice sews.  Now, Alice hasn't sewn for just anybody (although she's sewn for quite a few people, that's the great thing about her, nobody is just an "anybody").......  Alice has sewn for the circus!  That's right!  This girl has done costumes for not only people, but elephants and horses too!
I will say that there were a few mistakes made in this little shirt due to my mind wandering through circus parades and not paying attention to the patient machine in front of me (or my teacher), but it was so very worth it!  And Alice was quick with the seam ripper and showing me the fastest way of ripping out those naughty rows of stitches.  I suppose you learn these types of tricks quickly when you're sewing for an entire marching band. 
Here are some photos to illustrate what Alice showed me.  
Rip a few stitches, a few inches apart (pins to illustrate)

Then, just pull your fabric apart and bada-bing! (my right hand would be pulling too, but it's taking the picture!)

In my world, this makes mistakes a lot less frightening!  After Alice left, I worked a little more on my shirt, but quickly got stumped again as to how to sew my bias fabric around the armholes without sewing the front to the back. The holes are sized for a baby at 2 yrs and so they won't fit around the machine even after I remove a portion of the deck.  I'm sure there's a special way to fold the fabric, but  I have yet to figure this out, so stay tuned because once I do, I will be sure to post!  If anyone has a Youtube link that might help me, feel free to post!

Alice?  Alice?  Coffee date anytime soon?

I know, I know, I probably chose housewares fabric, but it was inexpensive and I actually quite like the print!

Back in the knitting corner, I'm working on a new design while still stepping out of my comfort box.
This year is all about stepping out of my comfort zone. To me, to only do things I'm comfortable doing would be like creative suicide. So, in the name of uncomfortableness I've stepped away from my bulky yarns and bought 3 skeins of sock weight yarn.
I'm finding it to be an absolute rush to work with!  It feels so feminine and dainty and has completely taken on a life of it's own.  I love when the fiber does a bit of the design work for you!
I've limited myself to only knitting for a bit at night, so this project will probably take a while longer than my typical projects do, but I'm really enjoying it and relishing the moments I am spending with my needles.
Keep your eye out in the next few weeks for the premier of Vanity Fair......


  1. the fabric for the little one is charming
    ...Alice sounds charming too...hope I meet her someday. I have no idea why my name is coming up the way it is on the's my non-technical skills, no doubt ;))
    I tried to post a profile pic and got nowhere with that but in case you haven't figured it's ME..the Gramma