Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Silk Dyeing

This past weekend I was down in IL visiting family and I had the pleasure of taking a silk dyeing class at a lovely little shop called Esther's Place

I am very happy with the way my 2 scarves turned out.  I gifted one to a friend and plan to use the other tied up around my ponytail this summer!

Dandelions!  =)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

My Flowers

I just thought I'd post a few pictures of some of the flowers I have planted around my house.  Random, I know, but it's hard to have them all popping up around me and not want to share!

My youngest has an obsession with the scent of peonies!

She just can't stop smelling them!

Sewing For My Girl

I've still been working on learning how to sew and I found a wonderful book called Carefree Clothes For Girls by Uonca . The patterns are for clothing that has a vintage flair to it with unhemmed edges and simple shapes. I sewed a little dress from the book out of some fabric that I'd gotten from a resale shop for under $4.00 (shown in last photo), but then decided to try to make the same dress using fabric from a man's shirt. I keep seeing these shirts into dresses and I have to say that I loved having a lot of the hard work already done for me! The author of the book uses all types of scraps and pieces for accents to the clothing and in my dresses I added bits of antique doilies.

Some day she might love the camera.....maybe....

I have released a few new patterns for spring and summer.  The first is called Watercolor Ponies and is a poncho that can be converted into a shirt.  I wanted a shirt for myself that I could easily throw over my tanks and t-shirts as well as a garment that would showcase Poetry In Motion my line of hand dyed yarns.  I wrote the pattern in 2 weights, dk and bulky because I thought each had it's own unique texture and I wasn't sure I could decide on just one.

The second pattern is the kid's version of Plover, which I've named Piper.   My kid LIVES in this shirt.  It is as lightweight and comfortable as her t-shirts, but according to her, it's "so much softer".