Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sewing For My Girl

I've still been working on learning how to sew and I found a wonderful book called Carefree Clothes For Girls by Uonca . The patterns are for clothing that has a vintage flair to it with unhemmed edges and simple shapes. I sewed a little dress from the book out of some fabric that I'd gotten from a resale shop for under $4.00 (shown in last photo), but then decided to try to make the same dress using fabric from a man's shirt. I keep seeing these shirts into dresses and I have to say that I loved having a lot of the hard work already done for me! The author of the book uses all types of scraps and pieces for accents to the clothing and in my dresses I added bits of antique doilies.

Some day she might love the camera.....maybe....


  1. these are wonderful! I might have to check this book out for myself!

    thanks, Melissa!


  2. You are so welcome! It is a really great book. The pattern shapes are wonderfully basic and there is so much you can do with them- little blank canvases!