Thursday, February 14, 2013

It's Still Winter....

Yes, it's still winter.  The cold, hard truth.
It's also been almost 1 week since I've picked up my knitting needles!  While my latest design is cozying up to my fabulous tech editor, I've been spending some time sharpening up my own technical skills.

It's funny because as a kid, I never thought that I would use math, or graphic work in my day to day life, much less use it as a part of something that I actually enjoy (okay, well that's a half truth because I do love graphic design work), and yet here I am creating glorious spreadsheets, working out complex formulas and cranking out schematics.
It's a lot of grunt work and something that I've cringed from in the past, but after the last year of knitting up a storm, it's an interesting type of break away.

But when it comes down to it, it's all about the knitting right?
Here are a few photographs of my upcoming designs.

For my cardigan, Fezziwig, I worked with Quince and Co. yarns for the first time.  Such a lovely surprise!   Not only is the yarn such a pleasure to work with (the stretch factor is unreal), but the finished product is unbeatable!
  I explored some new techniques with this sweater that were really fun and that made a really wonderfully durable garment.
My favorite design element are the pockets which are deep enough to really stuff my hands in as well as toss my keys or cell phone into.

The big squishy collar is so soft and warm, you just want to snuggle.  Somebody get me a cozy fireplace to sit next to with a book!

I also created a little slouch hat using some wonderful Spring Tree Road yarn.
I actually designed the hat, however, for Augustbird yarns and knit it in a gorgeous brown skein as well, but you'll have to wait for those photos!  The hat is making its way across the country to Maine where it'll be modeled!

 This is one of those sneaky little designs that has a trick, or 2 hiding beneath the surface.  There are some special elements that make this little guy work!

I love simple knits and simple lines that have a little something to them to make them interesting!  Secret's in the sauce!
Speaking of sauce...okay, well not sauce really, but juice, I've been doing quite a bit of juicing lately.
Now while I may end up in the poor house because of how much organic juice making costs me, at least I'll go there with lots of vitamins running through my veins!  My little ones love watching the machine crunch, crunch, crunch up the veggies and I love knowing that they're getting a lot of yummy nutrition!  Who'd have thought my 2 year old would consume kale so readily?


  1. That sweater is many pretty details.

  2. What a beautiful cardigan! I especially love the cables in the back!

  3. Love the Cardi! Will you be posting it on Ravelry?

  4. Thank you! So sorry for such a late response to this! I've been working hard on wrapping up some upcoming designs and have neglected my poor little blog!
    Yes look for the sweater pattern to be released early Fall 2013!
    It's so deliciously comfy!