Saturday, February 2, 2013


Anyone who knows me, knows that I haunt antique shops frequently.
I classify antique shops into 2 groups; those who's owners think that everything in their store should be in a museum and is therefore practically priceless (or rather, a price that no normal person can afford), and those who's owners have stocked them with endless amounts of wonderful little treasures just waiting to be discovered at prices that almost everyone can afford.
Today I stumbled upon one of those wonderful little treasure shops.  The owner was so sweet and I knew immediately that she was a true lover of antiques and exciting little objects.  She knew where every little item was hiding in her shop that I might be interested in and took no time at all rushing around into corners and pulling magazines that she "just knew I needed" out from under old milk crates.

An antique lover like her loves to see old things find new homes and have new life breathed into them.


  I was so grateful for her suggestions, but most elated at her willingness to part with the most amazing, little, vintage dress form at the exceptional price of $30.00!  She said it was fate because the dress form was not only my EXACT size, but also because it "gave her the creeps" when she turned the lights out at night. 

My new dress form (who I've decided to name Greta, by the way) will come in handy for measurements, sizing and even for getting those buttons right (oooooh the bane of my existance).

She has a tiny bit of wear on the bodice, but is otherwise in amazing condition!  I love the metal stand!
Poor little Evellyn wasn't sure what to make of the new "lady", so I dressed her up for the time being in one of my shirts, and Evellyn felt better....

I also found an amazing little trunk that you will be seeing in an upcoming photoshoot!
The craftsmanship of vintage items never ceases to amaze me.

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