Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Chill Has Set In!

Well the chill has definitely set in and things have been busy busy around our house.
I have a few new designs off the needles that bring some gorgeous and fun drama!
I've been working a lot with gorgeous Malabrigo yarns lately and have been working quite a bit with the chunkiest of them! 
I think that chunky yarns don't get enough exposure in garment wear.  I find that if knit at the appropriate gauge and with the appropriate shaping, they can be quite flattering, not to mention snuggly warm and quick to knit up!

Fresh off my needles and currently in the test knit/ tech edit phase of it's little life is Wilde and it's mini version Wilde Child.   Both use the glorious Malabrigo Rasta and get only 1.5 stitches to the inch!   Dramatic, fairytale like and functional are key!

Another chunky themed, quick knit is Selkie, which I created using Malabrigo Chunky yarns.  Again, another high impact piece with function and folklore at it's core.



  1. Oh wow, both are gorgeous!! plus I bet they would knit up super fast.

  2. Thank you and yes they are quick knits which work very well for my life with little ones! =)

  3. These are beautiful!! I'm new to knitting and just learned cables. As soon as I figure out arm holes, I will definitely be making these. What color is the Selkie knitted in?