Saturday, September 15, 2012

Just a Saturday

It's been the most beautiful day today and I'm sitting here having a cocktail with the husband listening to the amazing Alison Krauss.  I am always transported by this haunting song.  Music like this paints pictures in my head and often times is the backdrop for my artwork and even knitting.

 This song is included on a playlist that I made today for the next bonfire we'll be having out on the farm where I grew up.  Every month, my brothers, sister, husband, friends and I try to get together for a night out in the country, watching the stars, listening to good's pure perfection.

In the meantime, today I knit up a little hat I'm calling Falling Stars because the stitch pattern of the brim reminds me of twinkling stars...the kind we lay out on the hay wagon and watch.


I've also been working on a comfortable design for my wee one.   She needed something for the fall and I wanted something that is a little en vogue right now, so chose a comfy "grandpa" sweater with a shawl collar.  The design is simple with straight lines and an easy knit, but I included a bit of short row shaping  and a fun little detail at the back to give in an "English Storybook" feel and I am really pleased with the overall outcome. 

She let me take these cute little photos of her, then we came inside on the chilly day to make some yummy oatmeal cookies.  Sometimes it's a bit of a disaster to let your kids be creative in the kitchen, there are eggshells on the floor and mess to clean up afterwards, but this photo captures every reason why I let my children be as creative as they want.....because they are learning and they are creating..something my parents always let me do.  As a "housewife" it's easy for me to get wrapped up in cleanliness sometimes, but as a mom, I always try to remember that it these aren't just messes....they are moments......

  And as always, I've been spinning my little heart out.  This time, I've been spinning something for a fellow Ravelry friend.  I love spinning for myself, but there is something that is just so satisfying about spinning something and gifting it to someone.

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  1. Your hat looks gogeous, and I love your daughter's cardigan- it's amazing! The details are lovely, and it looks so good on her. I hope you do up the pattern!