Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kiss Of Noth

This weekend I released a new pattern called Kiss Of North.

This pattern started off as a collaboration project with my friend Alicia and was supposed to match and be a "sister" pattern to one of her upcoming designs.  We hit a few snags along the way with accidentally felting some yarn and then the yarn not matching the pattern correctly, so it looked like our collaboration was falling apart at the, well, seams.

The final blow was after I had the garment completely knit as a crossover vest, the result was simply not flattering. 
Luckily, with a few extremely minor changes and a great suggestion from Alicia, the design was spared from the trash can and has gone on to be quite wearable and actually, quite flattering!

What I love about this design is that it's made in a lightweight gauge on big needles which means that you need much less yardage than the typical adult sized cardigan, or vest.  This also means that it knits up in a jiffy with little thought.  As a mom who is exhausted by the end of the day (the only time these days that I have for knitting) I appreciate easy knits with big results.

The bottons really make a project like this special.  I got these amazing, high quality, real wood buttons from a fellow fiber artist .  They are smooth and stunning!


  1. Well, hey there Neighbor, you're up early blogging! I love this sweater, added to my wish list! You are a very talented mommy and Miss Roo is a lucky little girl! I'll get getting your book for my Grandadaughter Miss Rhonda soon!
    Have a beautiful day and hoped to run into you up there during one of my visits to my fave spot of the world, Fish Creek, one day!

  2. =) xoxoxox Love Fish Creek! Planning on heading up that way sometime this summer!