Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's Been Awhile!

I haven't posted for awhile but in my defense it's only because I've been so busy lately!
First off, I've gotten much more comfortable with my sewing machine and have been making a few adorable projects from the Emma Hardy book Making Children's Clothes.  It amazes me how inexpensive clothing is for small children!

I've also been at work dying both yarn and roving.  It's been exciting learning not only how the fibers react to different forms of dying, but also working with color mixing to achieve the exact color and tone that I want.  Here I made a really soothing blue grey that is already on it's way to becoming a new sweater design for fall.
 In other design news, I have a summer shirt set for release next month.  Cotton and drape are in for summer!
 And finally, my real passion at the moment, spinning.  There is nothing that has my heart quite like spinning does right now.  I am in love.  Here is some of the hand dyed roving I've been spinning up for another sweater sample for one of my upcoming fall designs. 

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