Monday, July 8, 2013


I released a new pattern this morning, available in my Craftsy and Ravelry stores.

Historically, I've not been a big shawl  knitter, but I do love the simplicity and straight lines of rectangular wraps.
There is a little story behind this wrap, as it's "birth" was a bit of a mistake.  I had this idea for a really great, lightweight, long summer vest. But as I knit away and the fabric took shape, instead of a vest, I saw a romantic, that reminded me of the bazillion time period movies I slip into a few times a week.

After I bound off the first wrap, I tried it on Avrie, to see where I was with fit and she decided (I was a little surprised actually) that I couldn't have it back.  In fact, I believe the words were.."Mom I'm sorry, but you're gonna have to make another one for you" (insert impish, 7 year old smile here).
That's what you get when you make your girl watch old movies with you.
I used the amazing, amazing Sunshine Yarns Luxury Sock, which has the softest, most buttery, mcn base.  It's the type of yarn that you want to rub on your cheek over and over again and more importantly, the kind that you LOVE to have draped around your neck and arms.
The colorway is called Lone Wolf, which I just adore.  


  1. What a gorgeous design! I love rectangular wraps/stoles and your new pattern is lovely.

  2. Love the wrap and love the yarn. Thanks for a beautiful design! I can;t wait to make it.

  3. It looks beautiful! the photos are phenomenal.